Simple ways to be a better traveller

Simple Ways to be a Better Traveller

For the most part, the world has currently hit the pause button on travel. In the last 100 years, tourism as we know was created and has gradually evolved into something unsustainable in its current model. During this “travel break” we have the opportunity to examine the way we travel. As the world slowly starts to open back up, and we begin to explore again there are simple things we can do to make travel a force for good in the countries and communities we visit.

Stay in locally-owned Accommodations

When staying in locally-owned accommodations more of your money stays in the community.  The accommodations will have partnerships with other local small businesses that in turn will help to support the community. Profits are not being exported to the head office in another country.  From boutique hotels in the historic district to family-run haciendas in the jungle, there are locally owned accommodations for every taste and budget.

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Our locally owned hotel over looking Puerto Del Sol in Madrid April, 2019

Avoid all forms of child exploitation

Would you stop to take a picture of a cute kid you saw on your street? Would you work at an orphanage without proper training and a background check?  Would you give money to a young child begging in the streets?  It’s safe to say those things are taboo here in Canada and the same goes for any destination being visited. Regardless of where you are in the world, you can make a stand against child exploitation.  If you want to support the youth in your destination, speak with some locals about organizations and charities that they support.

Avoid animal tourism

An easy way to be a better traveller is to just avoid animal tourism. The tiger people are taking pictures with is high on drugs to keep it calm. The bear doing tricks for a crowd is starving and performing to get food. These animals are not well trained, just desperate, hungry and trying to survive.  Say no to riding elephants, swimming with dolphins, bear shows, tiger temples and anything of the like. If you are an animal lover, you can support a local animal sanctuary by visiting and making a donation, just make sure to do some research so that you pick a reputable animal sanctuary.

Work with a professional Travel Advisor

When working with me, you can feel good knowing your travel in making a positive impact on the destination and communities you are visiting. I work with preferred suppliers that take responsible measures to preserve the environment and support the communities and people they are working with to provide a sustainable travel experience.

Once travel resumes again we will have opportunities to make a difference in the destinations we visit and people we meet.  Minor changes in the behaviour of travel consumers will pressure the industry into positive changes for the travel and tourism community at large.

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