Destination Spotlight ~ Lapland, Finland

In Lapland, Christmas is a pretty big deal. It’s a winter wonderland with loads of snow-filled activities. From the chance to meet Santa Claus in his village, to a snowmobile safari, there is fun for all ages. Lapland also offers some of the most magnificent views of the Northern Lights in the world.


Lapland has become a popular destination for holiday travellers, with weather ranging from an average high of  -10°C during the day and lows of -18°C at night. It might seem quite cold but if you’ve been through a Canadian winter you’ll know what to expect.  Although you may be used to this kind of weather, you will nevertheless want to pack some extra layers to keep you warm when you’re out and about.

Ranua Wildlife Park

Ranua Wildlife Park has become one of the leading tourist attractions in Lapland. It has a unique, high-quality safari experience for the whole family and it’s open every day of the year.  This wildlife park provides an authentic environment for the over 200 animal species that live there.

Santa's Village

Santa’s village is located in Lapland’s capital city, Rovaniemi, and is the centre of all things festive all year round.  The city is filled with winter activities and is the best place to go if you only have a few days in Lapland.  Rovaniemi is busy up until Christmas, but things calm down once New Years’ is over, making it a great time to visit. You can visit with Santa, explore a reindeer farm, see a Christmas exhibition and enjoy the holiday lights.  While there make sure to traverse the arctic circle. There’s a long blue light with lanterns marking the boundary.

Northern Lights

Among the extraordinary experiences you can have in Lapland, the opportunity to view the Northern Lights dancing in the sky is at the top.

The best time to visit is between September and March.  In Northern Lapland, the Northern Lights are more consistently visible, while in Southern Lapland they’re going to be observable 10 to 20 nights a year.  If the night sky is clear there’s a higher chance that you’ll see them.

You can either stay inside near a window and a warm fire inside a specially constructed igloo or cottage when viewing the Northern Lights or go outside and get a closer look, just make sure you are wearing enough layering

Would you want explore the frigid but beautifully frozen landscape of Lapland, Finland?

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Michelle Gaudet

Michelle Gaudet

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