6 Reasons to bring your Kids Travelling with You

Taking your children on an international trip may seem daunting. Due to long flights and long travel days, cultural differences, and other obstacles that can arise, it is understandable why some parents would be reluctant to bring their children along. However, travelling with your children, particularly internationally, can provide them with a myriad of benefits. 

In 2016, we took our 8 and 11-year-old kids packing for 4 months in Peru and Bolivia.   It was a life-changing experience for my husband and I but as well as for our kids.  Over 5 years later we still talk about the adventures we had together travelling as a family.

Here are just a few reasons that you should bring your kids along on your travels.

Learning Firsthand

Most children learn about other countries’ history and cultures in their classrooms at school, but when you travel with your children, they get to experience these places firsthand. Your kids will get submerged into different cultures and learn about the people, traditions, food, agriculture, and much more. This can help children better understand and learn while at school since they can relate it to their personal experiences.


No matter how prepared you are, there is always a chance that a roadblock might arise, such as lost luggage or a late flight. Travelling often entails things that are out of our control, which are part of the experience. Children learn to problem-solve and make the best of these situations when they occur.

Children may also discover that there are different amenities than at home. If you are travelling to a new place, certain things or tools will not be as convenient as they are in other places, which is another wonderful way for your child to adapt.

Family Travel
My husband & kids in Colca Canyon, Peru

Compassion for Others

As you travel, your children may encounter other children from those countries and discover that their way of life differs from their own. They might realize the socioeconomic differences in the world and develop compassion for those who don’t have as much as they do while appreciating what they do have.

Creating Memories

Many people can remember most, if not all, of the trips they have taken. What was the first toy you received? Do you remember all the toys you had when you were a child? Travelling creates more lasting memories than toys since it is a life-changing experience. Children can recall all their travel memories as they grow up, whether those memories were good, funny, or bizarre, and remember the people they met along the way.


Travelling to new countries can stretch us a bit outside our comfort zone. Despite this, each time we do, we gain confidence. You can also expect some trepidation when it comes to kids and activities/excursions that you plan. The more they travel, the more opportunities they get, and the more confident they become. They then carry this confidence forward to their everyday routines.

The experience of seeing the world first hand can also inspire creativity and imagination in children. Suppose you notice that your child loves the adventure aspect of traveling, and each time you travel to a new country, they want to plan out all the outdoor adventures they can have. Maybe your child is fascinated by the details of architecture and wants to visit art museums. By learning about themselves, they can more effectively guide their lives figuring out hobbies they want to involve themselves in or even potential career pathways that might be enticing for them.

The ability to take on responsibilities is also a form of self-discovery that children can gain from travel. We all have to learn responsibility at some point in our lives. As children take on more responsibilities while traveling, they become more confident in their own abilities. At first, their responsibilities might be to make sure they have their belongings, and when they move hotels or airports, they need to deal with their things. You can make them responsible for planning a portion of the trip (with guidance, of course). Additionally, this can build children’s self-confidence, and it allows them to express what they are interested in.

Bringing your children abroad can be intimidating, but we truly believe that these types of trips will benefit you and them.

Family Travel

Travelling with your kids is truly a memorable experience for the whole family.

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