Places to see the Northern lights

The Best Places to View the Northern Lights

The Northern lights are a radiant spectacle and a true wonder to behold. Caused by the collision of solar wind and magnetosphere charged particles, the Northern Lights create a sky-lighting curtain of mesmerizing colours. Here's a list of the 4 best places to view the Northern Lights.

There are plenty of great options across Canada. In the west, the lights reflect
beautifully off Muncho Lake at the Northern Rockies Lodge in British Columbia;
and in the Yukon town of Whitehorse, you can soak in the view while soaking in the
Takhini Hotsprings. In central Canada, mind-blowing display dances across the skies
in Churchill, Manitoba, more than 300 nights a year. And to the east, restored villages
and national historic sites provide a picturesque foreground to your photos in Battle
Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Canada Northern Lights
Yukon, Canada

The Northern Lights are practically inescapable in Lapland — a region that stretches
over Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia — as they appear during the high season
two out of every three nights. Like Alaska, you have many unique options for viewing:
you can take a reindeer safari to popular lookout points, find your own spot in a
snowmobile or go to the top of Haldde Mountain to visit the world’s first Northern
Lights Observatory.

Lapland Finland Northern Lights
Lapland, Finland

This is where professional photographers choose to view the Northern Lights, mostly
due to the island nation’s stark, surreal landscapes. During the midwinter months,
when the lights shine brightest, they can be seen clear across the island. For ideal
viewing, head to the northern coast to the volcanic Reykjanes Peninsula.
Caused by the collision of solar wind and magnetospheric charged particles, the
Northern Lights create a sky-lighting curtain of mesmerizing colours. This radiant
spectacle is a true wonder to behold, especially when you capture it from one of
these four viewing spots.

Iceland Northern Lights

You will see many astounding sights on your journey to Alaska—calving glaciers,
soaring eagles, breaching whales—and if you visit Fairbanks, Denali or the Yukon
Territory, you can add the Northern Lights to that list. The only thing you have to ask
yourself (or us!) is how you want to see them: shimmering off the water from the deck
of your cruise ship? Silhouetted by mountains during a train ride? Or even up close
and personal during a flightseeing ride? Now those are wonderful choices!

Alaska Northern lights
Alaska, United States

Have you seen the northern lights?  Where do you think the best places to view the Northern lights are? 

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