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4 Reasons to Love Small Group Travel

Over the last couple of years, I’ve had the pleasure of discovering small group travel. Stay with me here, I’m not talking about those large motorcoach or cruise groups that descend and take over tourist attractions. What I am discussing is a small group of 8 - 16 people exploring together. Collectively and individually in a foreign country. Experiencing the local culture, food and hospitality while learning more about the country and people that live there. On these adventures, there is always a local guide that is excited to share the adventure and show off their home country.

It can be dependent on the itinerary, tour company or country but many small group travel experiences offer a lot of independent time to explore on your own but enough structure to make sure you don’t miss key experiences or destinations of the country your visiting.  There will usually be plans made for group dinners and day trips but they are all optional so you choose how involved with the group you want to be.  I enjoy exploring a city on my own or with my husband and then coming back in the evening to get together for a group dinner to share our days together.

An Inspired Travel Adventure to Spain 2019

I have met some amazing people while travelling together on a small group adventure.  People from all over the world that I’m lucky enough to now call friends.  Of course not every traveller in your group will be your cup of tea, but you will have a least a few common interests like the country you are visiting and travelling in general. Exploring a country alongside others not from your home country can be a unique experience in itself. Sharing perspectives and viewing a country and culture through a lens other than your own can lead to interesting conversations and realizations.

When you explore as part of a small group there is no need to worry about the travel details.  You don’t have to worry about getting on the wrong train or if the area you are exploring is safe. Your accommodations have been verified, your train tickets purchased, your itinerary vetted and you have a local expert willing to share their vast knowledge with you anytime. As a solo traveller, it can sometimes be lonely travelling somewhere you’ve never been.  Travelling with a small group can give you the comfort of knowing you’re not truly alone in a foreign country.

A good local guide is worth their weight in gold. They are one of the best parts of small group travel. You are visiting the country they call home and they’re a guide because they love to show it off. A local guide will know all the restaurants that the locals love, where to shop to get the best value, which local attractions are with a visit and which ones are tourist traps. I have always found their knowledge vast and their willingness to help in any way plentiful.  Make sure to tip them well.

Our amazing Colombian Guide, Luis sharing with our group the background of District 13 in Medellin, Colombia

There is so many reasons to love exploring with a small group of other travellers!  Have you been on any small group adventures?  What did you think of the experience?


Michelle Gaudet | Certified Travel Counsellor | Adventure & Experiential Travel Specialist

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