6 Things to Always Pack in Your Carry On Bag

With my trip to Peru as a G Adventures ChangeMaker coming up in a few days I’ve been writing my packing list and assembling everything I’m going to need for this adventure. I’m normally a carry on luggage only kind of girl but because of the wide range in weather that can be experienced in Peru and the fact that other than knowing when my plane arrives and leaves, G Adventures has kept our itinerary as a surprise, for this trip I’m packing a carry on bag and a checked suitcase. 

Packing a good carry on bag is important. It’s where all your most important things go while your on the move like travel documents, electronics, and valuables. I’ve spent a lot of time in planes….and airports and this a list of a few things I always have in my carry on bag.

Turkish Towel

Is it a fast drying towel, a soft blanket, a warm scarf or maybe all three? A Turkish towel are a thinly woven cotton towel that has many uses. It’s one of my favourite things to bring on any trip. We all know those airline blankets aren’t as clean as we would like to believe and planes tend to be cold so I make sure to have my Turkish towel to wrap around me on the flight. As a bonus, I can use it as quick drying towel or scarf while in destination.

Portable Battery

It sucks to land in a new destination and realize you have drained your phone battery on the flight watching half a season of Friends on your flight. For under $20 you can pick up a battery charger the size of a lipstick case that will charge your phone battery a couple times. You’ll also be able to use it on your trip when your phone dies because you took too much video of that cool street busker’s performance.

Antibacterial Wipes

Going back to planes are not as clean as we would like to believe, I always make sure to have antibacterial wipes with me. I wipe down the armrest, tray and windows to make sure the areas I’m going to touch are clean of bacteria and cooties. No one wants to be sick on vacation. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Calming Supplements

It might be hard to believe but I’m a pretty nervous flyer. From the act of going through security, to the boarding process, to the fact I’m sitting in a giant metal box flying through the sky, sometimes I can let it get the better of me and my nerves. I always bring Calm Gummies with me in case I need something to help me relax and get some rest on the flight. 

*Always check with your doctor before taking any suppliments.

Change of Clothing

There is almost nothing worse than getting to your destination and finding out your bag didn’t follow you. Hopefully, you’ll only have a short wait until your bag shows up but in case it doesn’t, you’ll at least have a clean set of clothing to get you through until you can get some shopping done or your bags show up.

Something to do

You’re getting comfortable in the aisle seat you scored on a super busy flight and you realize your in-seat tv doesn’t work and to make matters worse there is no wifi. Now, what are you going to do to fill the next 9 hours? I’ve had this happen on more than one occasion. Bring a book, a magazine or a tablet with your favourite book or a couple of movies uploaded. Do not depend on airplane entertainment. Sometimes it just doesn’t work.

All in the size

Packing your carry on bag wisely is important. It can make or break the flight. I try to keep my carry on bag small so it can fit at my feet. Everything is accessible and no gate  attendant will be asking me to check it because the flight is full. All of these items are in my carry on bag waiting for my upcoming trip next week to Peru as a G Adventures ChangeMaker. 

Did I miss anything?  What are your must have carry on items? Leave me a comment below!

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